Blue Eyes - A Short Story


"Excuse me, do you have the time?" The first thing I noticed was her eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were so blue, a gentle blue that really caught your attention. You could drown in them. Her eyes were more blue than the sky...  

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Paradise - A Poem


When we reflect on the events of our past, our memories strap us in and take us on an emotional roller coaster ride. We recall the happiness of our past experiences, slowly building us up into a frenzy of joyful remembrance until we reach the top. And for one moment we can see everything...

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All scripts and screenplays are works in progress that will not be publically posted until they are produced or completed. See screenplays I have written in my short films. To inquire about any existing or in-progress scripts or screenplays please contact me directly. 


My original series Nun Habits (poster right) is currently in post production. Stay tuned for details! 


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